Spazman --

A twenty-something digital (and partly-traditional) artist from the more Eastern side of the United States, with a strong fascination for game and website development (Exhibit A right here!), tabletop wargaming in the form of towering fighting mecha, as well as certain Hellish FPSes and sprawling sci-fi / exploration videgames. Also might or might not be heavily invested into the "Furry" fandom.

What is "Furry"? --

Simply put, a fandom / community that partakes in an interest in anthromorphic entities (Essentially, different species bearing human traits) , in art / animation / gaming / literature / etc. For a more detailed explanation, please visit This page.

Now Featured on WikiFur! --

Yup! You read right -- As of about a week ago, a (particularly short) bio / wiki article has been posted on WikiFur.org! Read it here!

What About This Site? --

I plan to use this particular site as.. potentially an archive of things, and perhaps a way to catalogue my future endeavours; Travel, Artistry, Modeling, Mapping, etc! Might set up a forum (or in true 90s fashion, a BBS) to allow for people to talk with each other here! Could be pretty neat.

What is going to be featured here? --

  • News -- Basically, news about the site, my whereabouts, my life or general updates on things everywhere!
  • Art -- Both SFW and NSFW content. Obviously, need to be 18+ to view the latter. Both digital and traditional, if a decent scanner could be found.
  • Pictures and Videos -- Traveling pictures and videos. Particularly of meets / gatherings / conventions!
  • Battletech -- The Game of Armored Combat, with details of ongoing campaigns (and the site they're hosted on!), pictures of miniature collections and painting, or anything else! For more information on this game, please visit This Outgoing Link.
  • Games -- A small archive of game-projects I'm currently working on! Information regarding them located here!