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IT'S... ALIIIIIIIVE! After making a little commemorative picture to dedicate to the launch of this site, I've went ahead and put the site up! Well.. not as of the time of this writing, of course. But.. soon after. I'm actually rather proud of this piece in particular, keeping to the pixelly style presented here. And hopefully (with outside suggestion) I can add in some other goodies on here as well. Maybe a full character-profile page. Who knows? In any case; WELCOME to the new home-site I've dedicated not only to my work, but also to people interested in my work and would love to comment on it. It's been a nice ride these past few years.

  • Site is finally online!
  • New Art on the welcome / index page, in the form of some non-smut Vera!
  • Added in a link to my WikiFur page on the "About" section!



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